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The Traditional Job-based Organization Is No Longer Adequate

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  • Talent Management: Key to Becoming a Skills-Based Organization
  • Managing the Complexities of Growth
  • Cultural Trifecta: Talent Management, Leadership, and Team Development

Talent Management: Key to Becoming a Skills-Based Organization

The traditional job-based organization is no longer adequate. Talent management, employee engagement, and team effectiveness have been identified by the Harvard Business Review as three essential elements of a successful skills-based organization.

Be sure to identify and align the right people with the right skills and competencies for each position. The focus must be on creating an environment where employees feel valued and motivated so they will become fully engaged.

Developing teamwork skills can leverage the collective talents of work groups to achieve greater results than any individual could alone. This requires leaders who are able to create a culture in which collaboration, innovation, and agility are encouraged and rewarded.

Talent management and team effectiveness should be seen as part of a cohesive whole that helps to foster an environment in which employees can thrive. Leaders must be willing to embrace change and create an environment in which these strategies can flourish if their company is going to succeed in the 21st century.

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Managing the Complexities of Growth

For small businesses with up to five hundred employees, timing is the secret to effectively managing growth. James Fischer’s research for the book, Navigating the Growth Curve, discovered seven distinct stages of growth from a solopreneur with up to 10 employees to a company with 500. Fischer found the addition of employees increased complexity. Therefore, CEOs must adapt their leadership style at each of the seven stages of growth.

However, managing the complexities of growth requires a total talent management system that includes highly developed leadership skills, and high-performing teams. Talent is the key to success at each stage of growth and should be managed with an agile approach that fosters collaboration and empowerment.

The Cultural Trifecta: Talent Management, Leadership, and Team Development

By implementing the Trifecta of Talent Management, Leadership, and Team Development strategies, businesses can more effectively manage the increased complexity associated with growth. Accelerate the transformation into a skills-based organization that is more flexible and agile to meet the challenges of today's workplace.

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