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An Executive Guide to Harnessing the Power of Essential Skills

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  • An Executive Guide to Harnessing the Power of Essential Skills
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An Executive Guide to Harnessing the Power of Essential Skills

Savvy business owners and executives understand the value of employees with highly developed essential skills. The April 2023 Forbes magazine reported the following list of ten essential skills that companies value the most and why:

1. Communication

The ability to effectively communicate ideas and information is vital for successful businesses to exchange information, share ideas, and collaborate to achieve optimal results.

2. Leadership

Highly effective leaders can establish a vision, assure alignment, champion execution, and create a culture of accountability and teamwork.

3. Teamwork

Today, teamwork is essential for the success of any enterprise. It requires the ability to work well with others and communicate effectively. I recommend an approach that develops cohesive teams through five key behaviors: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

4. Creativity

Creative thinking helps organizations develop new products or services that stand out from the competition. It also enables employees to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to difficult problems.

5. Time management

Time management involves effectively managing available resources-- such as time, energy, and materials--in order to efficiently complete tasks on time. This skill helps streamline processes, increase productivity, and improve the quality of work.

6. Agility

Agility provides the capacity to adjust in response to changing situations or demands. This skill helps employees remain flexible in their approach and prevents them from getting stuck in unproductive habit patterns.

7. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is the skill that involves identifying the root cause of an issue and determining how best to address it. It requires creative thinking, critical analysis, and sound decision-making to generate effective solutions.

8. Critical thinking

Critical thinking enables individuals to approach problems and challenges with a strategic and analytical mindset. A critical thinker can evaluate the strength of arguments and identify flaws in reasoning. Effective

9. Conflict management

When a team tackles obstacles, conflict and opposing ideas frequently arise. Conflict management is the process of addressing disagreements in a constructive and effective manner.

10. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (aka: EQ) is the ability to recognize and understand their own emotions and of others. Those with highly developed EQ skills can provide constructive feedback that is sensitive to others’ emotions which can strengthen workplace relationships.


The development of essential skills is a long-term process that requires commitment and dedication. Organizations must be willing to provide the necessary resources and training, as well as create an environment where employees feel safe to take risks, make mistakes, and grow. Essential skills can strengthen communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, and when combined with a growth mindset, propel an organization to higher levels of performance, satisfaction, and profitability.

Key Take Aways:

• Essential skills are critical for success in any organization.

• Organizations must be willing to invest in their development and create an environment that encourages growth.

• By cultivating essential skills, businesses can maximize their potential while motivating their staff.

• Essential skills are an investment in the future of the organization and its people.

Resources For Developing Essential Skills

All Development Begins With Self Awareness.

There is a Cost-effective Profile That Can Enhance Self Awareness in the Following Skill Areas . . .

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1. Agile EQ

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2. Teamwork

Click Here to Learn More About Developing Teamwork

3. Leadership

Click Here to Learn More About Leadership

4. Conflict Management

Click Here to Learn More About Productive Conflict

5. Communication

Click Here to Learn More About Workplace Communication

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