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Agility is The New Competitive Advantage

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  • Agility: The New Competitive Advantage
  • Drucker: This is Not New News!
  • Developing the Emotional Intelligence Necessary to Support a Thriving Agile Culture
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Agility: The New Competitive Advantage

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, agility is becoming increasingly important as a competitive advantage. With the world moving faster than ever before, businesses need to be able to quickly and effectively respond to changes in order to stay ahead of their competition. Agility enables companies to do just that – it gives them the ability to rapidly adapt and pivot when needed, allowing them to capitalize on new opportunities or mitigate risks in times of uncertainty. This article will discuss why agility is so important for businesses today and how businesses can use it as a strategic tool for success.

In 2022, Klaus Bucka-Lassen, an Agile advocate delivered a thought-provoking presentation at an International Conference that emphasized the point that it’s ultimately more important for an organization to be effective than it is to be merely efficient. He delivered some practical principles to keep managers focused on the right things, by sharing his own experiences and examples, along with insights and real-world strategies for improving a workplace.

Is Agile Inefficient?

Contrary to popular belief, agility is not necessarily inefficient. In fact, it can actually be the most effective way to operate a business in today’s rapidly changing environment. Companies that are able to quickly adapt and pivot when needed are often well-positioned for long-term success. This allows them to capitalize on opportunities or mitigate risks when they arise, in addition to becoming better suited for changing customer demands and preferences.

This is Not New News

Peter Drucker, often touted as the “Father of Modern Management,” famously said, "Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” While improving efficiency means doing things faster, and using fewer resources with fewer steps, effectiveness means aligning improvements to the way you work to achieve high-level corporate goals.

Agility as a Strategic Tool

Companies looking to gain an edge over their competition can also use agility strategically. It enables them to quickly respond to changes in the market and stay one step ahead of their competitors. This could involve anything from introducing new products or services to expanding into a new market or launching a marketing campaign. By being agile, companies can capitalize on opportunities as they arise and stay ahead of the curve.


In conclusion, agility is quickly becoming one of the most important competitive advantages for businesses today. It enables companies to quickly respond to changes in the market and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise. By using agility strategically, businesses can stay ahead of their competition and remain well-positioned for long-term success. With the right strategies and tools in place, an organization can use agility to its advantage to become more effective, efficient, and profitable.

Agility is not always easy to achieve, but with the right guidance and commitment from all levels of an organization, it can be done. It’s important to remember that agility is more than just reacting to change – it’s also about creating a culture of adaptability and proactivity in order to remain competitive and successful over time. With agility, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and remain well-positioned for long-term success.

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