What Do Highly Productive Organizations Have that Others Don’t?

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What Do Highly Productive Organizations Have that Others Don’t?


What is the primary factor that sets a high performance organization apart from others? In a word, it is Talent, individuals who work together to create extraordinary results. What exactly is a high performing team?

First, there is a high level of trust among the members who then become mutually committed to a common goal, performance standards and processes.  But, there is more.  Additionally, members of high performing teams are also committed to one another’s personal success and improvement.

Whether you are a team leader or a team member, consider the following questions:

Do you put the team ahead of your personal interests; do you have their back just as you want them to have yours?

Do you know the strengths of all team members and know how to help them optimize them?

Do you consistently behave in a manner that assures team members trust and endorse you? Always remember that trust is created from our behavior, not our intentions and is based on values of integrity and cooperation?  Both are within your control.

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